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Studio located in Santa Ana, California

Santa Ana, California

I specialize in painting people and buildings. You might notice that most of my paintings show signs of human (or inhuman!) life: faces, figures, clothing, and habitations. Although I am rather a quiet loner by nature, I have always been fascinated by people and how they live, feel, and interact.

Vivid colors, charming old buildings, past eras, old horror movies, family secrets, ballroom dancing, passionate music, and romantic or exotic dresses all inspire dreamy pictures in my mind.

The Darker Side

Haunting images...


I guess I need a lot of excitement, because I am most inspired by things that are “spooky, funny, or pretty.”  One year I decided I was going to paint a whole series of Spooky paintings. I ended up being criticized and laughed at so much, that I finally painted an angry self-portrait (“The Challenger”) and shelved my ideas for the time being.


However, one of my finished paintings won first place in the Fair, and the second one was exhibited and sold. I should have listened to my gut instinct and continued with my ideas. I’m hoping soon I can go back and do some more, because the creepy, eerie mysteries of life bring excitement and interest into our daily grind!